One of the most important factors of any safari is to have a reliable and a comfortable vehicle. Bushbuck Safaris features the newest fleet of safari prepared 4x4 Land Cruisers and Land Rovers. Each safari vehicle is modified to provide highest client safety, comfort and window seats. They all have pop-up roof hatches for game viewing and photography purposes, all vehicles are equipped with two-way high range radio systems for easy communication between vehicles and the Bushbuck base. All the vehicles are serviced and thoroughly checked after each and every safari.


We feature the best fleet of 4x4 safari-prepared vehicles:

  • New Safari prepared 4x4 Land Cruisers and Land Rovers
  • Guaranteed Window Seat - Extended vehicles have 7 window seats and Standard vehicles have 5 window seats
  • Radio equipped
  • Each Seat is equipped with Seat Belt
  • Reference Library
  • Tanzania’s best fleet of  four wheel drive safaris vehicles
  • Tailor / Custom made Safari
  • We do not use Minibuses/vans for any safari
  • Inverters to charge your camera batteries and other gadgets
  • Mini Fridge to keep your drinks cool


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