Our Bushbuck family safaris are a wondrous adventure suitable for all ages and one that will stay with every member of the family for many years to come. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the animals in their own natural habitat, marvelling in the incredible Safari Park wilderness and exploring the spectacles that Tanzania has to offer. When thinking about planning the perfect family holiday, Tanzania truly has something to offer every age. In fact, we are so used to entertaining families from babies right up to the older members, we have every facility including hot air ballooning and so much more!.

Swimming Pools, Beauty Treatments, Freshly Prepared Meals

Our Safari Lodges have swimming pools and places to rest and recuperate after a busy morning exploring the Wildlife Parks. We can provide beauty treatments for adults, including therapeutic massages, facials and other relaxing treatments. We pay special attention to your own dietary needs and you can look forward to freshly prepared meals enjoyed in traditional buildings or even open-air around a fire! Watch the sunset together – see the sunrise on an early morning safari, enjoy the traditional entertainment we also provide…you won’t want to go home!.

So Much to See & Do – For All the Family!

Think of what you could do – see the Big Five, visit Maasai villages, watch the animals in the Ngorongoro Crater and perhaps experience wildlife by boat or even take in the park on foot! Then of course, there are beaches to relax on at the end of a trip and marvel at the incredible sights you’ve all seen.

So whatever you’re looking for we can tailor-make a special package or you can choose one of our existing itineraries. We don’t think there’s anything else quite like a family safari holiday, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!