When visiting Tanzania it’s worth taking the time to see the coastline of magical Zanzibar as it offers a truly magnificent spectacle. Home to some of the finest beaches of the world, with golden sand and clear-blue sea, there are some incredible sights to enjoy.

The East Coast

The East Coast of Zanzibar boasts superb coral reefs and is home to some stupendous sea-life, see minnows, anemones and starfish swim in rock pools. When you travel further up to the north side, the ocean is calmer, with smooth, soft, powdery white sand and a blazing sun.

The West Coast

The West of Zanzibar features the city of Stone Town which is a port area. The beaches of Mangapwani and Bububu are worth a visit, the former is home to the slave caves which are visible when it is low tide. Bububu is just half an hour away, so spend a couple of nights in this area and marvel at its natural beauty. You should also see Chole Island Marine Park, Prison, Snake and Grave Islands for more of the unspoilt landscape. Don’t forget to visit the old city with its winding streets and interesting architecture.

The South Coast

The South of Zanzibar is home to the Menai Bay Conservation Area which is where sea turtles are a protected species. Travelling to the South East of the island involves going through the Jozani Forest which is where you’ll find the Red Colobus monkey (another rare species), many other primates and smaller antelopes.

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