Kilimanjaro Fundraising Treks

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity is hugely popular, after all it’s an achievement and what better motivation to complete this colossal hike than raising money for those in need? Bushbuck Safaris works closely with charity organisation and can organise tailor-made Kilimanjaro challenges for your favourite cause.

How to Organise your Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

It’s very straight forward. Firstly you decide what type of Kilimanjaro trip you want to book, for example, you can do a charity trip on any of our organised groups or we can devise a private trip for your climb, whether it’s for one person or for a party. There are three different payment options:

  • Self-funding
  • Mixed-funding
  • Minimum sponsorship

Once you’ve decided which payment route you want, let us know and we will get in touch with your chosen charity to organise a formal agreement for your Kilimanjaro charity challenge. The next step will be your chosen charity getting in touch with you. They will send you a fundraising pack to help get you started on your campaign and give you strategies on reaching your target.

We would recommend setting up an online fundraising account as it’s quick and easy. Additionally, it’s tax-free and takes just a moment to register a donation. You get your own personal page and you can design it to reflect your challenge. Here are some ideas for online charity fundraising pages:

  • Virgin Money Giving
  • Just Giving
  • Bmycharity

Then it’s up to you to spread the word, either by email, social media, events, collections, raffles, local schools or maybe your place of business. There are lots of ways to reach people so you raise enough money to challenge yourself with Mount Kilimanjaro and help others while achieving a huge personal goal!