Why Are Safaris Better Than Zoos?

12th March 2016  

Lions eating zebra in safari park

Planning to take a trip to Africa? Well, there are a number of reasons why you should consider going on a safari instead of just planning a trip to the zoo. While animals are caged and deprived of their natural habitats in a zoo, safaris allow animals to roam about freely so you may witness them up closely in their natural environment. Here are some reasons why Safaris are better than zoos:

Witness Wildlife Up-Close

Unlike in zoos, animals are not enclosed in a cage and are free to roam around in an open space according to their wish. People enter the space and witness the animals up close like never before. This upfront exposure provides tourists the opportunity to learn a real deal about animals, more than any other zoo. Wild animals, such as lions and tigers, enjoy running and climbing and like to roam around for miles and miles for hunts.

When these animals are cramped into tiny enclosed spaces, they have few opportunities to exercise and often appear bored, restless and depressed. Going on a safari gives you the much needed adrenaline rush. After all, there is nothing more adventurous than encountering the pride of lions after crossing paths with a magnificent elephant. If you really want to witness wild life up close, there really is no better way than going on a safari.


May it be glorious mountains or terrains, Africa has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. While a zoo is just an artificial setting for animals, a safari is the real thing with exotic plants and breathtaking landscapes. Avail the opportunity and book a safari in Africa and you will be filled with a sense of wonder while discovering the beautiful landscapes. The safaris in Africa are rough yet earthy, more beautiful than any man-made creation. These lands are the source of life for thousands of diverse species, plants and animals, unlike any other artificially created zoo on the continent.

The Cultural Experience of a Lifetime

Going on a safari provides you the glorious opportunity to interact with the local culture. Unlike zoos, safaris give you the ultimate cultural experience, not limiting you to only manmade attractions. Going on a safari allows you to interact with the local people, food and crafts. If you are lucky enough, you will have the opportunity to be part of local festivals and celebrations, something that’s not possible just by going to the zoo.

Spend Your Time Luxuriously

Going on a safari does not only involve looking at animals, which is only a small part of the entire experience. Take a break from walking around the open fields and enjoy a day at the luxury spa or take some time off to enjoy the local food of Africa while witnessing some of the world’s most breathtaking views. Planning a trip to the zoo will never be as rewarding as all you can do is look at animals, that too from a great distance.