Travel around every part of Tanzania to see the natural sights

31st May 2015  

Lion in Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is recognized as the most popular destination to enjoy a safari. It boasts a number of exceptional wildlife regions anywhere in the continent of Africa. However, a trip to Tanzania is something which requires careful scheduling and arrangement if you wish to take advantage of exploring most of the places on your trip. While planning your Tanzania safari holidays, it is essential to know in advance about the excellent sites to visit and also the best seasons to go there.


Northern Tanzania with its unique beauty

Northern part of Tanzania presents a lot of first class wildlife spots within a comparatively small region. Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro and also Ngorongoro are possibly the best known areas; however Tarangire and Manyara, are also the notable sites to explore. Moreover, Tanzania boasts a number of eye-catching landscape, incredible diversity as well as an enormous variety of flora and fauna. Almost four out of five tourists in Tanzania come to this Northern area; most of them go for 4 x 4 safari or even a driving trip. But, many of the safari travelers focus just on the distinguished hot spots and then miss out some best sites and experiences during their holidays in Tanzania.

Southern Tanzania and its attractions

Southern part of Tanzania has, in fact, offered a lot of things in the last decades. It retains a charm of wilderness, which has been lost by some areas of northern Tanzania. The grand hotspots, here, are Selous and also Ruaha; these two truly complement one another but other spots, such as Saadani, and southern lands also offer unique attractions. Although, there are usually smaller and very simpler bush campsites, here you may have lots of opportunities to entertain yourself. For example, you can have a walking safari and also a boat safari. Most of the tourists, who come to enjoy holidays in Tanzaniagenerally fly between major areas.

Western Tanzania and coastal area

Western part of Tanzania can be considered as the small hidden treasure in Africa. Gradually, more tourists are becoming familiar with this region. But, you will find there are very few tourists who have visited this part on their safari holidays in Tanzania. Katavi as well as Mahale National Park are the major areas, although the remaining part of Lake Tanganyika is obviously worth considering.
It is a strange fact that the coast of Tanzania is often ignored by many tourists. The Tanzania coast includes lots of sights like Zanzibar and also some other offshore isles such as Pemba. It even presents some of the best seashores, diving and also fishing activities available.
In all the areas of Tanzania, you can find several unknown tourist spots.  A qualified tour operator must be competent to get you to all these places comfortably and help you to find out the best deal for your safari.

Choose the best time to visit

If you are making a decision to have a view of the Great Migration that takes place in Tanzania, then you must be certain to choose the right period of year. Though it is hard to find the exact days when the Great Migration occurs, you may have a higher possibility of catching the phenomenon during the period from July to September because this is generally the time when all the herds cross the Grumeti River. You should remember that the rainy seasons in Tanzania may appear during these times, and as a result, some areas such as Selous can be difficult to reach if the rain is very heavy.

Pack the required outfit

Packing for a trip can be considered as a form of art because your comfort will entirely depend on what you have brought in your baggage. The tourists should be conscious that a tour in Tanzania may be very grimy and the sun may beat down constantly. Try to pack lots of light garments and breathable clothes to keep you cool all the time. You should attempt to opt for clothes that are brown or green in color to merge with the natural surroundings while you are on the safari. Moreover, by doing this, you can have more chances of spotting any shy creature in the shrub. Do not forget to take your binoculars in order to enhance your viewing pleasure, an umbrella for rainstorms, a sweater for cool nights and also any sun lotions.

Bring the right medication

Prior to starting your journey, you should discuss with your physician for bringing some recommended medicines. Though some medicines are obtainable in Tanzania, perhaps you will need to give a great effort to get it on your safari. Always be certain that you pack enough medical items. Do not forget to take a number of insect repellant before starting on the safari.

It can be concluded that trip in Tanzania will surely fascinate you not just through the great diversity of its wildlife, like giraffes or lions but even through the variety of plants and bird life. When the individuals think of Tanzania safaris, naturally they visualize the wild animals and also the vast plains; however few recognize that the nation is well-known for its wonderful range of ecology. Indeed, Tanzania includes more than thirty five species of big, four-legged mammals, along with thousand bird species. There are several things to see when you are on a trip in Tanzania. If you wish to make certain you do not miss out on any place, then you must carry on the Tanzania tours for almost eight days, or more. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the impressive scenes of every place.