Reasons why booking your safari in advance is recommended

20th June 2016  

Book early and save money

Want to go on a safari to Tanzania on your next vacation? Perhaps you should start booking immediately. Thanks to the internet, booking flights or contacting a tour operator is no longer a tedious task and hardly takes a few minutes. Here are a few reasons why you should get a head start:

More Time for Planning

Booking your trip in advance leaves you with plenty of time for planning. Planning a vacation is an exciting yet integral part of the process. With weeks to your flight, you have ample amount of time to go shopping for new clothes and travel accessories. Consider making a checklist so you do not miss out on anything important. Additionally, visit your local library or the bookstore and invest in a Tanzania guidebook.

You and your family can jot down the places you want to visit first and prioritize the fun activities you want to participate in. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed on the spot and will save you previous vacation time. Furthermore, you will have more time to arrange the essentials, such as getting your passports renewed and getting the necessary vaccinations for the trip.

Several Choices to Choose from

The best low budget accommodations in Tanzania are almost always booked up during the peak season. By booking in advance, you will have plenty of budget friendly safari lodges to choose from. The most attractive destination spots, such as Serengeti National Park, are notoriously booked during school holidays and peak vacation periods. Travelers are advised to book their vacations at least a few months in advance to save money and time.

Save Money

When all the budget friendly accommodations are booked, you will inevitably end up paying more. To get the most inexpensive airline seats and the best accommodations, book your vacation at least 6 months in advanced for significant cost savings. Tanzania is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations hence you will find the best resorts and safari lodges fully booked if you decide on a last minute trip. Additionally, many travel agencies offer deals and early bird discounts that you can benefit from.

Prior Research

What are the best restaurants and must-see attractions you cannot miss out on? Use the extra time to conduct some research about the area you will be visiting. Tanzania has a number of amazing resorts, marketplaces, cafes and national parks that are worth seeing. If you want to see the Great Migration, you will have to book your trip in advance.

Talk to your travel consultant and figure all the details and important aspects of the trip in advance. This will prevent disappointments in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip in advance if you want to get a hold of the best deals and make the most of your vacation.

At Bushbuck Safaris, we receive bookings well in advance from clients which allows them to make the most of their trip to Tanzania allowing us to book the best Tanzania safaris, hotels and activities for them at the lowest possible prices. Start booking now