Latest tourism developments in Tanzania and how President Magufuli has helped boost tourism

1st July 2019  

Latest tourism developments in Tanzania and how President Magufuli has helped boost tourism

Whenever Tanzania is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Travel and Tourism. Blessed with scenic tourist attractions and vibrancy, Tanzania’s well-developed tourism industry attracts well over one million visitors annually.

Tourism is a key contributor to the country’s GDP. The government has taken strategic steps to boost the growth and productivity in this sector. So far, tourism has aided the expansion of the Tanzanian economy in the following ways:

  • Attracted investors in the safari tourism business.
  • Opened up new attractive job opportunities for experts and casual workers.
  • Built stronger links between tour companies and local communities.
  • And more.

To get a clearer picture of the latest tourism developments in Tanzania, you have to look at specific aspects of this sector and the contributions President Magufuli has made.

1. Simpler system of tax and fee collection

The Tanzanian government, under the leadership of President Magufuli, has taken steps to streamline its tax collection and fee collection processes. Electronic payments have made this even easier for all stakeholders of the tourism industry. Tour companies can pay for park fees, concession fees, revenues and taxes online.

Gone are the days when tourists stood in endless queues waiting to pay park fees, crater service charges and concession fees. Certainly, those who used to inflate the prices of fees will no longer be able swindle tourists.

2. Diversification of tourism activities

The Ministry of Tourism has implemented plans to diversify tourism in Tanzania. Nowadays, more tourist attractions have been established in other regions of the country. Safari-goers don’t have to restrict themselves to the high-end destinations around Zanzibar and Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro.

More destinations and expeditions have been developed in the Southern Circuit of Tanzania. Many local and foreign tourists have begun exploring these newer tour options. This is good news for everyone. Tourists can explore a variety of interesting tour options in different parts of the country.

3. Integration of locals and small operators into the Tanzanian Tourism Industry

In the past, the Tanzanian tourism industry had to invest with higher funds. Local communities and small-scale tour operators were unable to be the official part of tourism activities. This not  only create resentment among host communities, but it also made safaris generally to be operated by unlicensed and therefore unsafe and very pricey for tourists.

In recent reforms, President Magufuli opened up the tourism business, so that local communities and small-scale tour operators could contribute to tourism activities. These days, it is common to see a lot of co-operation and collaboration between big and small operators, and between local communities and international organizations.

Regular training seminars and link-building programs have improved the standard of services in the tourism industry as well. In addition, the local business communities have found patronage among new and existing tour operators.

4. The implementation of Effective Natural Resource Management Schemes

President Magufuli’s government has done an excellent job of managing its natural resources. The government rewards conservationists and sanctions dissidents. The enactment of stricter park laws and regulations have improved environmental conservation and promoted sustainable tourism.

Gone are the days when poaching and ivory hunting were the order of the day. These days, effective strategies have been implemented in a bid to protect wildlife, especially the endangered species.

5. Increased and improved state-of-the art road infrastructure

It is impossible to have exciting safaris, bush-trekking, vehicle game-viewing and other tourism activities when there are no access roads. President Magufuli understands this and that’s why he has embarked on various road construction and reconstruction projects.

Travel experts believe that the construction of better road networks has improved the quality of safari holidays in Tanzania. Visitors now enjoy hassle-free and safer commutes around Tanzanian towns and cities.


The latest developments in the Tanzanian tourism industry are quite impressive. Economic experts have predicted that Tanzania will attract more holiday-makers in the next few years and it’s easy to see why.  With the improved road infrastructure, stricter conservation laws, budget-friendly options and streamline tax and fee collection reforms, tourists are guaranteed to enjoy their safari, mountain expeditions and beach holidays in Tanzania.

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