Five endangered species found in Tanzania

4th October 2015  

Black Rhino Tanzania

  1. The Black Rhinoceros

This is one of the most endangered species found in Tanzania. This particular animal can be found in the Mkonzami National Park in Tanzania. It has been noted that there are only about 40 Rhinos in the whole of the country. These animals can be found here by anyone wishing to see or find the endangered species in their Safari in Tanzania. This particular species has diminished due to the hunting activities by the local poachers for their very valuable horns and by the illegal trophy hunters for their heads.

  1. The Desperate shrew

This is another species mainly found in the local habitat of the Udzungwe Mountains of the Southern Tanzania. If you are looking to find a very rare and small animal. The shrew is constantly disappearing due to the great deforestation in these particular areas. The shrew can only be found in Tanzania as the climate is ideal for the shrew.

  1. Pemba Flying Fox

The Pemba flying fox is one of the highly endangered species in the country of Tanzania. It is actually a large bat weighing around 400-650 grams. It feeds mostly on fruits and flowers of a number of plants. This particular animal lives in forests, grave yards and mangroves. They have been very social until recently.

It is found on Pemba Island in Tanzania. This was because the Island was not highly populated. After some time the Islands population grew and thus the number Pemba Flying Fox’s subsided. Though research has shown their number is somehow now increasing, the species was at the blink of extinction just a few years ago. This particular animal is only found in Tanzania. Their number has been decreasing since a lot of deforestation has been done in that particular area. Most of these animals however are learning to live near the people thus makes them adapt to the environment. This hence has ensured that their population is slowly increasing as we speak.

  1. Abbotts Duiker

Abbots duiker is actually a large forest antelope which is only found in the Forest Mountains of Tanzania. The locals call it Minde in Swahili. This particular antelope is the second rare Duiker in the whole of Africa and its distribution has greatly decreased due to hunting and the deforestation of its main habitat. This animal is considered very much endangered and is under the protection of various national and private companies just the presence of this particular animal means high biodiversity since the animal is very rare.  They are only found on the high humid parts of the Kilimanjaro, the Usambara Mountains, Ilole forest and the Rubeho Mountains. It can also be found in the higher evergreen peaks of various forest hills.



  1. Rondo Dwarf Galago

This is another animal that is very rare and only found in Tanzania. The Rondo Dwarf Galago is actually just 60 grams in weight. It is classified under 25 most endangered species in the world. It is feared that this little animal may already be extinct since a few months have already passed without any trace of one anywhere. It is losing its habitat mainly because of the deforestation and also some forest fires and sometimes due to clearance due to farming.


There are no conservation programs that are being ran in order to try and maintain this particular species and few people in the country of Tanzania even know of its existence. The only thing that can be done is to conserve the remaining part of its habitat and make sure even more people in Tanzania know about the animal and give them advice on how to conserve the habitat.