Finding a reliable tour operator in Tanzania and evidence that Bushbuck Safaris is the most reliable tour operator in Tanzania

28th February 2019  


In recent times, the African safari industry has diversified a great deal. Expeditions and holidays, which used to be the preserve of the wealthy, are now very affordable and accessible to all. So quite reasonably, everyone wants to experience the safari of a lifetime.

Research has shown that safari holidaymakers yearn to experience life in the wild while also enjoying perfectly comfortable accommodation, delicious cuisine and impeccable customer service. This explains why most adventure seekers spend a great deal of time looking for the perfect tour operators.

And there are very many safari tour companies in the travel industry. The problem is, knowing the most reliable of the lot. What factors should you consider when choosing a tour company? The answer to that question is simple. Before you register with any of these companies, do your research.

Bushbuck Safaris, for instance, is the best in the whole of Tanzania. They have an impressive record of accomplishment. And when you consider all the safari tours they have planned for famous actors, celebrities, presidents of various countries and executives of reputable organizations, you will agree that Bushbuck is one of the best in its field. They have been in the business long enough to know that every client has unique needs and requirements. Making the customer happy is important to the staff of Bushbuck Safaris. These are clearly some of the qualities of a good tour operator.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to find trustworthy safari tour operators. We will use Bushbuck safaris as a model company because they have earned every accolade awarded by travel enthusiasts. Here are a few facts that show that Bushbuck safaris are the most reliable tour company in Tanzania.

1. Certifications and Letters of Recommendation

One easy way to verify the expertise of any professional is through their certifications. This also applies to the travel industry. All certified tour companies are expected to have the right certifications. All company staff ought to have some sort of proof that shows that they are qualified to work in their fields of interest.

Bushbuck Safaris are a certified tour company. This fact is evident in the series of award nominations received from travel experts. It goes to show that they are efficient in the field of tour planning and operations.

A quick visit to their site also reveals a long list of selected letters of recommendations which were voluntarily provided by former clients. Those letters show that this tour company is unrivaled in the safari travel industry.

2. Vehicles

It is impossible to discuss efficient tour operations without mentioning the state of the vehicles. Everyone who has ever been on a safari understands that strong, durable and reliable vehicles are required for transfers and game viewing.

Bushbuck safaris have a reputation for deploying well-serviced, purpose-built 4×4 safari automobiles. They prioritize the comfort and safety of their customers. This explains why their vehicles are unlikely to a breakdown in the middle of the journey. Their vehicles are very comfortable, safe and perfect for families and couples. During drives, it is easy for visitors to look out for wildlife in their natural habitats. Automobiles definitely influence the quality of every safari holiday.

3. Drivers

The perfect safari driver must be kind, friendly and honest. He/she must know when to speak and when to be quiet; when to listen and when to focus on the long ribbon of road ahead. The driver must double as tour guide where necessary, explaining the historical and geographical significance of the landscape and the wildlife. Yes, good safari drivers contribute a great deal to the tourist’s overall experience.

Bushbuck safari employs the services of experienced bush drivers who understand the terrains, the culture and the people. In online and offline reviews, tourists have praised this exceptional travel company for attaching them to the kindest and most professional drivers in the safari industry.

4. Safety

Safety first. That’s the watchword of Bushbuck safaris. This explains why they go out of their way to book only very safe hotel accommodations in places where the food is well prepared. The drivers are well experienced enough to drive through terrains where wildlife attacks are unheard of.

Most holidaymakers choose reliable tour companies like Bushbuck safaris because they understand that safety is of the utmost importance. If you’re planning a holiday, don’t compromise on safety.

5. Hidden charges

Many travel companies are notorious for introducing hidden fees. They lure the tourists into booking the basics by falsely offering low prices and then later proceed to demand additional fees that had never been mentioned in the interim – by which time the tourist is already in Tanzania and ends up paying. This is unprofessional and often ends up costing you more than choosing a reliable tour operator from the beginning – do not fall for the low prices that sound too good to be true . You can rely on Bushbuck Safaris as this is something they will never do. They are open, upfront and honest about the travel costs.

Tour consultants recommend that visitors ask questions about hidden charges early enough. This will help them dispel every fog of confusion that might ruin their travel experiences.

Where to find reviews and find if a tour operator is trustworthy:

 – These reviews are posted by people who have used Bushbuck Safaris.

Facebook Activity – Check the activity on Facebook – is the company active and have many followers?

Facebook Reviews – These reviews are posted by people on Facebook who have used Bushbuck Safaris.

Trust Pilot Reviews – These reviews on Trust Pilot are posted by people who have used Bushbuck Safaris.

Company Reviews – These reviews were given to Bushbuck Safaris by their clients after safari.

Letters of Recommendation – Official written recommendations from high profile clientele.

Trip Advisor Reviews – These reviews were posted on Trip Advisor.

Safari Bookings Reviews – These reviews were posted on Safari Bookings.

Now that you have had a chance to read reviews and learnt that Bushbuck Safaris is a reliable tour company for safaris in Tanzania, go ahead and get a quote for your safari.