Backpacking Tours in Tanzania on a Budget

BY - 18th January 2016
Located in East Africa, Tanzania is blessed with some of the most stunning, natural landscapes in the world. It is known for its vast wilderness, making it a perfect place for a backpacking trip. Of course, Tanzania isn’t an expensive country, yet if you want to literally see every place and ‘d...
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Activities in the Serengeti

BY - 11th January 2016
Serengeti is a region in northern Tanzania. Though spanning just around 30,000 sq. km, Serengeti is known around the world for its large population of different species of wildlife, particularly lion. A popular attraction in the region is the migration of mammals, which occurs every year. The regio...
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Open Safari Vehicles vs. Closed Safari Vehicles

BY - 4th January 2016
Going for a safari in Tanzania is an increasingly popular activity for casual holiday-goers and adventurous travelers. However, one of the most important factors of any safari is to have a comfortable and reliable vehicle. In general, tourists have two available options: open game-viewing safari ve...
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What to wear/pack for safari in Tanzania

BY - 28th December 2015
The Tanzania safaris are popular around the world and people head to the East African nation every year to spend some time in the wilderness, amid the wildlife. Now, on a safari, you don’t have be dressed in a camouflage outfit every day, which means you have to pack the right clothing and footwe...
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Tanzania vs. South Africa: The Safari Debate

BY - 21st December 2015
Are you planning to take a safari in the near future? It goes without saying that Africa offers you the best options in terms of safari. The terrain, weather, and wildlife on the continent are unparalleled and you will have the experience of a lifetime. There is a common misconception that the enti...
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10 Popular Places to Visit in Tanzania

BY - 14th December 2015
    Tanzania is among the foremost tourist destinations in Africa. While Mount Kilimanjaro can take credit for attracting millions of tourists every year, it is not the only popular place to visit in the country. If you are planning a trip to Tanzania, here are 10 popular places you shoul...
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Camping Safaris vs. Lodge Safaris

BY - 8th December 2015
Are you planning to head out on a safari? Well, it’s a given that you will have someone guiding you along the way so you can explore the best of the wilderness on offer in Tanzania and any other parts of East Africa you plan to visit on your safari, but you have to decide whether you want to go f...
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How to plan a safari trip to Africa

BY - 1st December 2015
Are you an adventurous person? Does thrill and adrenaline give you a feeling unlike any other? Well, then it is a must that you head out on a safari trip to Africa at least once in your lifetime. However, if you haven’t been on a safari trip to Africa before, there are a number of things you have...
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Is Kilimanjaro difficult to climb and when is the best time to climb?

BY - 24th November 2015
  Mount Kilimanjaro remains accessible the whole year-round but the weather in the region can affect the difficulty in climbing. Make no mistake, Kilimanjaro is among the tallest mountains in the world and climbing it is a challenge, even for experienced climbers. However, one thing you can ma...
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Honeymoon in Tanzania and Zanzibar

BY - 15th November 2015
  Today, when you talk to anybody about a honeymoon, going on a safari is usually the first idea that pops up in their mind. But the question here is where should you go? A Tanzanian honeymoon makes sense to most people, not only because of the abundance of wildlife and landscapes on offer, bu...
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