Bushbuck to start Guaranteed Departures in March 2015

22nd January 2015  

We are very excited to be launching Guaranteed Departures. Soon you will see some updates on our website showing safari packages which will have set date departures. This means that we are in the process of selecting a couple of the popular routes and these will come in two options:

  • 3 Day Safari
  • 6 Day Safari

This means that tourists can benefit from lower prices in comparison to tailor-made itineraries. The fact that vehicles will be allocated with fixed schedules and timetables regardless of the number of passengers that are on board.

We have made special arrangements with the lodges by making block bookings. This enables us to guarantee accommodation as well.

We will still have the tailor-made itineraries available as normal for those of you who want a fully customised safari. By doing so we can cater to both, budget travellers who can save money by booking a seat on a Guaranteed Departure and discerning tourists who would prefer to have more luxury by going for a tailor-made safari which we have always been the pioneers of.

More details will be available soon on our website so keep your eyes peeled!