Adventures in Tanzania – the ultimate experience!

17th August 2015  

Lions playing in Serengeti


More often than not, adventurous tourists seek to get the best services in their fun-oriented private Safari. Not all tourism sites have the ability to provide the ambience and much-needed vibrancy as the major tourist sites in Tanzania in the eastern Africa region. In particular, Tanzania adventures have been termed to be the prime destination for any tourists whose wish is to learn, have fun and interact with nature. Many tourists who have had a chance of visiting the major tourist sites in Tanzania suggest that the services and the experience significantly outweigh other tourist spots in Africa. Key visitors’ sites that maximize tourists’ utility include Mt. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Selous game reserves as well as lakes Victoria and Manyara.

It is evident that one derives optimum satisfaction by visiting the vibrant Serengeti game reserve. This tourist site is home to many wild animals especially elephants, lions, cheetahs, zebras, buffalos and the wild beasts. The most exciting experience at the Serengeti game reserve is the annual migration of wild beasts from the game reserve to the neighboring Tsavo national park in Kenya. At the park, tourists are often welcomed by the Maasai people who often entertain them with their traditional songs while exhibiting courage. The savanna grass and the woodlands in the park often provide a serene environment for the adventurous tourists. Serengeti’s spectacle of predator versus prey offers arguably the most scintillating game-viewing not only in East Africa but also in sub-Saharan Africa.

Monkey in Serengeti

Mount Kilimanjaro site will give any tourist the much-needed satisfaction in mountain climbing and sightseeing tours. The volcanic massif stands in isolation above the surrounding plains, and one can see it from the savanna land. The mountain climbers use seven distinct routes in the hike with each route suiting tourists with different tastes. The tourists are expected to meet professional and experienced mountain climbing guides whom will help them reach the summit successfully. It is evident that challenging oneself to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro gives one optimal satisfaction in the adventure sport.

A game drive to Lake Victoria and Lake Manyara also leaves tourists satisfied in that it gives them an opportunity to experience various economic practices of rural African people. In particular, the tourists often get the rare chance of learning how the fishermen conduct their activities in their fishing ventures. A drive into the green hills that surround the lake also reveals the entrepreneurial skills of the cotton and cassava farmers. Interacting with these farmers often reminds the tourists of the 20th-century events. At the shore of the lake, one can see the prolific and undisturbed bird life with migrant waders, kingfishers and not to forget the ever-so-beautiful and astonishing flamingos. However, a fascinating experience is watching the paddlers sing as they paddle canoes during their fishing spree. Lake Manyara is home to a million flamingos and during the rainy season, one can have a good ambience as it is full of birdlife.

Balloon over Lake Manyara

The key tourist sites will give all adventurous tourists numerous reasons to visit because it is worth every moment. Right from the challenging mountain climbing exercise at Mount Kilimanjaro, witnessing the wild beast migration and interacting with the courageous Maasai people at Serengeti Park doesn’t fall short of what is considered ultimate fun in adventurous Tanzania. The tourists will also have a rare opportunity to interact with nature as they get to see the most beautiful animals at the tourist sites. A safari in Tanzania is the ultimate way to go!