Activities in the Serengeti

11th January 2016  

Activities in the Serengeti with Bushbuck Safaris

Serengeti is a region in northern Tanzania. Though spanning just around 30,000 sq. km, Serengeti is known around the world for its large population of different species of wildlife, particularly lion. A popular attraction in the region is the migration of mammals, which occurs every year. The region attracts twice as many tourists as its local population, on average, annually. Serengeti is also known for the Serengeti National Park, which covers nearly half the area of the region. In fact, most travelers and tourists only know the region because of the park.

There are many activities on offer in the Serengeti which you can go for. Some of them are:

Watching the Migration

As mentioned, the migration of mammals is an annual spectacle. The animals make their way towards the Lobo Valley and into Kenya during the winter months, from their breeding grounds, which are located in the Southern part of the region. There are millions of animals you see, from zebras, to gazelles, to wildebeest. It is truly a sight to behold and one you will have in your mind for the rest of your life. There are different spots from where you can watch the migration without disturbance and in complete safety. This is one activity you cannot miss should you visit Serengeti at the time of migration.

In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to plan your trip here around the time of the year when the migration takes place.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Yes, you don’t need to be on a vehicle or on foot to enjoy a safari in the Serengeti. Over the past three decades, tourists have been enjoying hot air balloon safaris. The only catch is these rides are usually overbooked so if you are interested in surveying the region from the skies, make a booking before you leave on your trip. A hot air balloon safari is worth every penny you spend on it. The safari lasts one hour and you get plenty of opportunities to click memorable pictures.

Go for Game Drives

The game drives on offer in Serengeti are a great option for you to check out the wildlife population here. The region is vast and you cannot see all of it if you here for a week or less. Therefore, the best way to catch as much of the sights and scenery on offer is a game drive. If all goes to plan, you will get to see hyenas, lions, cheetahs, and perhaps a leopard or two. Black rhinos are elusive creatures but if you are lucky, you might spot one.

Visit Moru Kopjes

While you may not see a rhino on a game drive, you can see a few of them in Moru Kopjes. The area houses a dozen black rhinos, which is the entire population of the species in Serengeti. With the species in danger of extinction, now is the best time to catch a glimpse of them.

These are some of the activities in Serengeti which attract tourists from around the world. So, if you are planning a trip to Tanzania, do visit this region. You will not regret it!