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Latest tourism developments in Tanzania and how President Magufuli has helped boost tourism

BY - 1st July 2019
Whenever Tanzania is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Travel and Tourism. Blessed with scenic tourist attractions and vibrancy, Tanzania’s well-developed tourism industry attracts well over one million visitors annually. Tourism is a key contributor to the country’s GDP. The gov...
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Tips for enjoying a safari while on a strict diet (such as Diabetic, Gluten-Free, Ketogenic, Low-Carb and other diets)

BY - 2nd June 2019
About forty percent of safari holidaymakers are on a strict diet. Most stakeholders in the safari tourism business have encountered different kinds of clients, all of whom have different dietary preferences. Most of these travelers are often pleasantly surprised to find the Tanzanian cuisine is...
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The ultimate guide to having a vegetarian or vegan-friendly safari in Tanzania

BY - 29th April 2019
A recent survey showed that a quarter of all safari holiday-goers are vegetarian and vegan. Safari tour companies have also expanded their niches to accommodate visitors who are on a strictly plant-based diet. It’s even much easier to find a wide variety of vegan, gluten-free diets in Tanzania. M...
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Halal-Friendly Safaris in Tanzania – Important Tips

BY - 31st March 2019
Halal-friendly tourism has been around for a very long time. Recently, more modern tourism companies have started making halal safaris more accessible and available for Muslims. So what is halal-friendly tourism? Halal friendly tourism is a niche in the travel industry. It specializes in providing ...
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Finding a reliable tour operator in Tanzania and evidence that Bushbuck Safaris is the most reliable tour operator in Tanzania

BY - 28th February 2019
In recent times, the African safari industry has diversified a great deal. Expeditions and holidays, which used to be the preserve of the wealthy, are now very affordable and accessible to all. So quite reasonably, everyone wants to experience the safari of a lifetime. Research has shown that safar...
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6 ways to save money when booking a safari in Tanzania

BY - 27th January 2019
Your safari holiday plans must not leave you in debt. There are simple ways to save money when booking a safari in Tanzania. The first step involves learning how to plan an excellent safari itinerary. The second step involves avoiding those common mistakes travelers make. All these will be outlined...
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5 Good Reasons To Book Your Safari Early In 2019

BY - 6th January 2019
Every tourist yearns for the perfect safari holiday. They want reliable and experienced tour guides, comfortable accommodation, most affordable flight bookings and so on. These are perfectly realistic things to desire. After all, a holiday is supposed to be full of fun and fantastic experiences. Th...
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Are safaris in Tanzania better now and how have African safaris evolved in the last 30 years?

BY - 24th December 2018
In the early nineteenth century, European explorers began leading expeditions to Africa. Their major goal was to admire and write about wildlife and landscapes. These early explorers popularized the safari style of travel as we know it. They rose at the break of dawn and spent their days traversing...
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The best 5 safaris to do in Tanzania

BY - 6th December 2018
Going on an African safari requires a lot of research. This explains why many adventurers delegate the planning process to safari tour experts. In the end, you will have to choose from a list of the best safari tour options. To make your job easier, we have drawn up a list of options and highlights...
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12 Interesting facts about Mount Kilimanjaro

BY - 16th July 2016
Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania and is a popular destination for climbers, trekkers and travelers. If you are travelling to Tanzania, the Mount is a must-see. Here are 12 interesting facts about Kilimanjaro you should know: It is the highest mountain in Africa, standing 5895 m high. ...
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