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Safari company offering the best tours in Tanzania

Bushbuck Safaris are pioneers of tourism in Tanzania with over 26 years of experience in the field of tourism. Bushbuck Safaris is a limited liability company that owns a large fleet of well maintained vehicles and our team is built with specially trained personnel.

Bushbuck Safaris was established in 1986,  by Mr. Mustafa A.D. Panju who has invested many years of his life pursuing his passion for tourism in Tanzania. His intimate knowledge of the entire country enables him to offer a unique and customised services. In 1987, Mr. Akber A.D. Panju joined hands with his brother and began marketing and traveling himself with the guests to the parks. Since then Bushbuck Safaris has continued to expand by investing in an increasing number of resources year after year including employment of personnel including drivers, guides, sales team, marketing team and back office staff.

Over the years we have implemented many enhancements to be able to offer a higher level of competent and reliable services.  Amongst many of satisfied clients have been leaders of several countries and CEO's of highly recognised corporations. In short many VIP's have received services exceeding their expectations. It has been a great achievement for us to evovle into the best Tanzania Safari Company that offers only the best Tanzania tours.
Bushbuck specialises in tailoring unique tours and safaris to all the destinations in East Africa which include mainland and coastal destinations while catering to the personal needs of our visitors. Our service aims are to maximise precious holiday time and embraces all facets of your stay including airport transfers, hotel accommodation and internal travel arrangements so that you can ensure enjoyment of a carefree and well-deserved holiday in Tanzania and East Africa. Our services include scheduled tours, group tours and incentive packages. Each individual is an esteemed customer who truly becomes our best advertisement around the world as they always recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues after they have enjoyed their Tanzania trip with us.
We hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you. Join us on a journey of discovery as you encounter the rhythm of this land, its people and its wildlife. All of our clients are treated as VIP's, so join now and get spoilt with VIP treatment! 
They say lion is the King..... We say our guests are Kings and Queens as they thoroughly enjoy the royal treatment that we have to offer!


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